Cereal Killers Podcast

Two guys that love cereal! Scotty has extensive cereal knowledge, and Andrew loves to “crunch” and learn. They are two longtime coworkers that together will give you their comical review of one classic and one brand new cereal in each episode…with their hardly scientific rating system. Grab a box, bowl and spoon…and come along for the ride!

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Cereal Killers Podcast
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Recent Episodes

Will Elvis Die On the Toilet... Again??

We are so excited to have Elvis stop by to try the new Cinnamon Toast flavor of Poop Like A Champion! From there, he'll hang around and try the new Honey Vanilla Cheerios as well as a store brand Fruity Pebbles rip-off. Then our friend Nate pops in and we force some 3 year old cereal upon him. After he gets mad and exits, we'll try some really delicious Dollar Tree granola.

Bowl Chat - Kiss My Grits

Do you like your grits with sugar? Butter? Plain? However you like em, we discuss grits. Exciting for sure.

Zimmy The Dragon

Danielle and her son Spencer join us for this fun-filled episode featuring the new Magic Fruity Pebbles, some weird store brand of strawberry shredded wheat, and Zimmy the Dragon has a strange choco shell cereal that Spencer brought us from the UK.

Bonus: Orange You Glad We Got This Cereal?

In today's BONUS Episode, we'll try the exclusive, elusive Tropicana Crunch!!! We were one of the lucky few that were able to score a box, and Danielle and her son Spencer sit in to try it with both orange juice AND milk! Can you guess which one goes better with this Honey Almond Cereal?