Cereal Killers Podcast

Two guys that love cereal! Scotty has extensive cereal knowledge, and Andrew loves to “crunch” and learn. They are two longtime coworkers that together will give you their comical review of one classic and one brand new cereal in each episode…with their hardly scientific rating system. Grab a box, bowl and spoon…and come along for the ride!

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Cereal Killers Podcast
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Recent Episodes

Bowl Chat - YOU TAWKIN' TO ME?

We couldn't leave you hanging, so Scotty has resorted to grabbing whoever is in the hallway to talk to on Bowl Chat! Today, Lawng Island's own, Danielle Dellilo!

Give Me A Break!

Break me off a piece of that KitKat Cereal! Danielle sits in today, as Andrew is too busy. We'll try said KitKat Cereal, along with a surprisingly wonderful granola from LIDL, and 2 Toops pillow cereals from Columbia!

Bowl Chat - Don't Worry We Didn't Die

Sorry we took off this past Monday! We are back and ready to bring you another exciting episode of Bowl Chat.

Somehow, Andy Knows

In a shocking turn of events, Andrew is actually able to tell the difference between oats and corn with new Lucky Charms Minis! He even knows what company makes Cascadian Farm, as we try their Cinnamon Crunch. Plus, a store brand puffed wheat.