Cereal Killers Podcast

Two guys that love cereal! Scotty has extensive cereal knowledge, and Andrew loves to “crunch” and learn. They are two longtime coworkers that together will give you their comical review of one classic and one brand new cereal in each episode…with their hardly scientific rating system. Grab a box, bowl and spoon…and come along for the ride!

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Cereal Killers Podcast
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Recent Episodes

Bonus: Snacks & Fun With @Lindenation

Our friend Jason is back and he brought snacks!

Bowl Chat - Gotta Tell You About Selling the Drama

Scotty and Andy are arguing (shocker) about songs you may or may not know... who do you agree with?

Andy Really Doesn't Know

Back in the 80s, if you said "I Don't Know", you'd get slimed. Millennial Adrew knows nothing about this. Guess the next best thing is Kellogg's Apple Jacks Nickelodeon Slime Cereal! Underwhelming, at best. Then our friend Carla Marie supplied us with some blueberry Keto crap, but then redeemed herself with some awesome granola from Kroger.

Bowl Chat - Andrew Has Emetophobia

Andrew discusses his intense vomit fear and Scotty isn't helping.