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Bowl Chat - A Fun Filled Pre-Thanksgiving Episode

Hope you are enjoying preparing for the big day tomorrow! We talk about a lot of nothing and have a fun visitor at the end. We are thankful to you, our listeners, for listening, watching, and supporting your favorite cereal eating idiots week after week. We love you.

Blue Balls

In this episode, we'll try another Kellogg's Frosted Flakes flavor, this time, Pandora Flakes with blueberry moons. Surprisingly greeeaaa... ok... we won't. Then, listener supplied knock-off Cocoa Puffs and Lucky Charms. Spoiler alert! One of them will be immortalized as a double 5 Bowler!

Bowl Chat - Untitled Yet Titled

Andrew literally cannot find anything of relevance that they talked about in this episode... hence the title. Scott will probably yell at him about it later.

The Nuttiest Of Buddies

Thanks to a wonderful listener, today we try the latest in the line of Little Debbie snack cake inspired cereals. Then, on to a bunch of granola! One is Target's Good & Gather brand, one is Bear Naked, and a chunky bonus bag from our friends at Sakara.

Bowl Chat - Holy Rigatoni!

In this chaotic episode, Andrew talks with Scott about everything from pasta to sous vide steaks... listen in and learn!

Do You Believe in Magic?

Here we go again! One of our great listeners sent us some more Magic Spoon cereals to try. Surprisingly, one of us kind of likes them. Plus, some generic Lucky Charms from H-E-B. Marshmallows are always good!

Bowl Chat - Let's Make a Holiday Tradition

Scotty is over Christmas trees and Elf on a Shelf, he consults Andrew and Nate to see what they can call a new Channukah tradition... the results are less than stellar.

Andy The Red-Nosed Reject

The Christmas cereals have started to roll in! We're so excited to try General Mills' new Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Cereal. Yay marshmallows! Then on to 2 strawberry shredded wheat cereals. Both listener supplied, one is a store brand, and one Kellogg's from Canada.

Bowl Chat - A Potpourri of Topics with Nate

Special guest Nate joins us on an all new Bowl Chat!

The Fall Episode

All three of today's cereals are kind of fall-like. First, another Quaker puffed granola cereal, this time... apple cinnamon. Then, we'll hit up Target for Good & Gather Caramel Apple Granola! Finally, Scotty found an interesting Dash Coffee cereal from Off Limits... and we all know how Scotty feels about coffee flavored things!

Bowl Chat - Am I the Drama?

Scotty needs glasses and may also have an ulcer and also could have a damaged ear drum... but don't worry he isn't being dramatic.

Not A Throwaway?

Didn't think these cereals would be all that great, but some surprised us! We'll try a new Quaker Puffed Granola, some chocolate granola from New Mexico, and a disappointing listener supplied concoction she brought back from Ireland.

Bowl Chat - Some Like it Hot

This episode gets SPICY when Andrew, Scotty and special guest Greg T take the ONE CHIP CHALLENGE!

Halloween Hoot-nanny

It's a scary collection of repackaged cereals that are pretty much the same! Danielle joins us today as we try Shocking Orange Rice Krispies, Halloween Fruity Pebbles, and Pumpkin Pie Spice Frosted Mini Wheats. Plus, Frute Brute returns from the dead. Maybe he should have stayed 6 feet under. Just sayin'. Then a rambling, disjointed conversation with Greg T. Happy Halloween!

Bowl Chat - Do I Smell?

Scotty and Andy talk all about cologne and whether or not you should tell someone if they stink!

Hot Hot Hot!

We're going to try the new CinnaFuego Toast Crunch! Scotty can't handle the heat... as usual! Then we'll try some kinda new Frosted Flakes, Andrew gets Bear Naked, and we'll head to Italy with some listener supplied stolen hotel granola.

Bonus: Cults and Murder Chats on a Friday

This Scotty-less episode (SHOCKING WE KNOW) features Jason (@lindenation) talking about a potential cult living across the way from his apt... and he divulges all the details to Andrew. Plus, they talk about some major murder shows and Jason uses his experience as a lawyer to discuss the cases in depth!

Bowl Chat - Living With What Ifs

Scott and Andrew discuss their canceled live show and Scott tells us all about the Plainview Diner closing.

Fill It To The Rim With Brim

In this action packed episode, we welcome our friends Brimstone & Kim from The Grindhouse Radio Podcast! They brought a ton of Japanese stuff that we don't know the name of, plus, we'll try the new Banana Caramel Cheerios and some fake Cocoa Pebbles from Kroger supplied by our great listener Doug.

Bonus: Snacks & Fun With @Lindenation

Our friend Jason is back and he brought snacks!

Bowl Chat - Gotta Tell You About Selling the Drama

Scotty and Andy are arguing (shocker) about songs you may or may not know... who do you agree with?

Andy Really Doesn't Know

Back in the 80s, if you said "I Don't Know", you'd get slimed. Millennial Adrew knows nothing about this. Guess the next best thing is Kellogg's Apple Jacks Nickelodeon Slime Cereal! Underwhelming, at best. Then our friend Carla Marie supplied us with some blueberry Keto crap, but then redeemed herself with some awesome granola from Kroger.

Bowl Chat - Andrew Has Emetophobia

Andrew discusses his intense vomit fear and Scotty isn't helping.

May The Flakes Be With You

We'll finally dive into the new Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Frosted Flakes from Kellogg's. We don't really get the whole Star Wars aspect of it, but the cereal is delicious! We'll finish off the episode with some listener supplied stuff...some strange but yummy granola from Switzerland and a box of lazy Froot Loops.