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Bowl Chat - Not Sponsored by EnteNmann's

Scott wants you to know about the N in Entenmann's... teehee!

Rooty Tooty Dick & Scooty

An IHOP cereal has been teased for quite awhile now... and it's finally here! Much like the sticky syrup caddy at the restaurant, it's not bad, but looks better than it is. Then another Great Grains flavor with berries, and an underwhelming, generic Lidl chocolate cereal with a deranged monkey for a mascot.

Andy's Back!

Andrew took a break from his very busy schedule to eat some cereal! Today, we will try something that turned out not to be a cereal at all... Klik! Then we get down to business with some frosted shredded wheat from ShopRite, a puffed rice from Arrowhead, and the reason we are here today... Disney 100 Mickey Mouse Cereal from Post!

Bowl Chat - Andy is So Busy!

Andrew couldn't be here today, so Danielle swoops in to save the day! We'll talk about hoarding, new studios, weird football bowls and more!

The Show Must Go On

Andrew was unable to be a part of this episode, so rather than have nothing for you today... Nate stepped in! And glad he did, so we could bring you 2 new Pebbles cereals! Both Fruity & Cocoa are now Crunch'd! Do they measure up to the usually high rated originals???

Lying About His Age

Our first Cereal Killers episode from the new building! Today, we say happy birthday to the Cap'n! He says he's only 60. We don't buy it! But, his Birthday Crunch ain't bad! Then some Cascadian Farm Berry thing and delicious Japanese coconut flakes from our pal Brimstone.

Bowl Chat - The Quest for a New Place to Record

We are still looking for a new home... it's not working out well.

Hey Mini!

Today we are going to try some end of the year General Mills laziness. They pushed out some mini versions of their most popular cereals... Trix, Reese's Puffs, and the now round Cinnamon Toast Crunch. All just as we expected — delicious.

Bowl Chat - New Studio, New Drama

We did it, we finally made the move to 55th although it does come with a few hiccups along the way...

Elf Fell Off The Shelf

We were so excited that our buddy Newman sent us the new Elf On The Shelf Cereal all the way from Colorado... we're is the keyword. After that ruins our day, we'll do some chocolate, some birthday cake, and some Keto nastiness.

Unhappy Andy

Thanks to @The_CerealQueen, we'll try a new flavor of Wilde Terra! Dark Chocolate Cherry sounds promising, but is it any good? Then some giant chunky granola that Andrew is just not having, and Trader Joe saves the show! Kind of...

Bowl Chat - Debaucherous Phone Calls

Andrew and Scotty are making phone calls... BEWARE!

Vector? I Didn't Even Know Her!

Today we will try another Cheerios Oat Crunch! This time... berry! Then we move on to 2 listener supplied cereals... one is maple flavored, and one a cruddy fake Cinnamon Toast Crunch. As a bonus, we go back to Brimstone's box from Japan and try some Hershey's ChocoBits.

Bald Freak Crunch

Today, our friend Bald Freak Ronnie visits us and tries a pretty good Love Crunch, a pretty awful Catalina Crunch, and 2 store brand knock-offs... one frosted shredded wheat and a fake Golden Grahams.

Bowl Chat - A Fun Filled Pre-Thanksgiving Episode

Hope you are enjoying preparing for the big day tomorrow! We talk about a lot of nothing and have a fun visitor at the end. We are thankful to you, our listeners, for listening, watching, and supporting your favorite cereal eating idiots week after week. We love you.

Blue Balls

In this episode, we'll try another Kellogg's Frosted Flakes flavor, this time, Pandora Flakes with blueberry moons. Surprisingly greeeaaa... ok... we won't. Then, listener supplied knock-off Cocoa Puffs and Lucky Charms. Spoiler alert! One of them will be immortalized as a double 5 Bowler!

Bowl Chat - Untitled Yet Titled

Andrew literally cannot find anything of relevance that they talked about in this episode... hence the title. Scott will probably yell at him about it later.

The Nuttiest Of Buddies

Thanks to a wonderful listener, today we try the latest in the line of Little Debbie snack cake inspired cereals. Then, on to a bunch of granola! One is Target's Good & Gather brand, one is Bear Naked, and a chunky bonus bag from our friends at Sakara.

Bowl Chat - Holy Rigatoni!

In this chaotic episode, Andrew talks with Scott about everything from pasta to sous vide steaks... listen in and learn!

Do You Believe in Magic?

Here we go again! One of our great listeners sent us some more Magic Spoon cereals to try. Surprisingly, one of us kind of likes them. Plus, some generic Lucky Charms from H-E-B. Marshmallows are always good!

Bowl Chat - Let's Make a Holiday Tradition

Scotty is over Christmas trees and Elf on a Shelf, he consults Andrew and Nate to see what they can call a new Channukah tradition... the results are less than stellar.

Andy The Red-Nosed Reject

The Christmas cereals have started to roll in! We're so excited to try General Mills' new Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Cereal. Yay marshmallows! Then on to 2 strawberry shredded wheat cereals. Both listener supplied, one is a store brand, and one Kellogg's from Canada.

Bowl Chat - A Potpourri of Topics with Nate

Special guest Nate joins us on an all new Bowl Chat!

The Fall Episode

All three of today's cereals are kind of fall-like. First, another Quaker puffed granola cereal, this time... apple cinnamon. Then, we'll hit up Target for Good & Gather Caramel Apple Granola! Finally, Scotty found an interesting Dash Coffee cereal from Off Limits... and we all know how Scotty feels about coffee flavored things!