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Bowl Chat - YOU TAWKIN' TO ME?

We couldn't leave you hanging, so Scotty has resorted to grabbing whoever is in the hallway to talk to on Bowl Chat! Today, Lawng Island's own, Danielle Dellilo!

Give Me A Break!

Break me off a piece of that KitKat Cereal! Danielle sits in today, as Andrew is too busy. We'll try said KitKat Cereal, along with a surprisingly wonderful granola from LIDL, and 2 Toops pillow cereals from Columbia!

Bowl Chat - Don't Worry We Didn't Die

Sorry we took off this past Monday! We are back and ready to bring you another exciting episode of Bowl Chat.

Somehow, Andy Knows

In a shocking turn of events, Andrew is actually able to tell the difference between oats and corn with new Lucky Charms Minis! He even knows what company makes Cascadian Farm, as we try their Cinnamon Crunch. Plus, a store brand puffed wheat.

Bowl Chat - Let's Talk Warts

Scott has warts...

Another Date?

Scotty & Andrew try a date-filled cereal from Post that Scotty swears they've tried before. says otherwise! (and it's probably correct) Then a bird nest cereal from Trader Joe's, and all-new Vanilla Spice Cheerios!

Bowl Chat - Pie in the Face

Scotty is convinced we aren't talking about people's noses being broken by pie related incidents... in fact he estimates there is about one a day. Do you agree?


Today we will try 3 all new Malt-O-Meal cereals! First, an interesting creation that contains no meat, Maple Bacon Donut. Then, some fun flavors of Roos and Scooters...Cookie Dough, and Cinnamon Oat Crunch.

Zero Is Right!

Today we will check out another cereal from Special K's new Keto Friendly Zero line. Won't say how it was, but perhaps you can guess. Then, some store brand raisin stuff from Publix and a coffee-like import from Mexico courtesy of our friend Ramiro.

Bowl Chat - Florida Mishaps

Scotty went to Florida over the break and has some interesting tales to tell.

¬°Muy Delicioso!

Today we'll try... Froot Loops. They call them Mega Mix Ups, and since technically it is a new cereal, we eat them! Then on to Multi Grain Squares from Cascadian Farm (singular), and an exciting Mexican Cereal from Kellogg's sent in by our friend Ramiro.

Bowl Chat - Other Scott (Newman) Interviews Andrew!

On this special Bowl Chat, the infamous Other Scott aka Newman aka our web guy who updates, chats with Andrew and does an Inside the Actors Studio asking him cereal and non-cereal related questions.


We'll blow through some pretty decent cereals today, new Chocolate Waffle Bites from Kashi, Target's Raisin Bran, then one more powdered milk cup from Post. Then, Scotty breaks out a 24 year old box of Millenios to a surprisingly unsuspecting Andrew... hilarity ensues.

Bowl Chat - It's Tax SZN

As tax season approaches Andrew and Scott are stressed about the deadlines and also have a few questions for the IRS...


In this episode, we'll finally investigate the new wave of powdered milk on-the-go cereal cups from Kellogg's and Post. Andrew couldn't be here today, so Scotty's picky daughter Cooper sits in. Take her ratings with a grain of salt, as she barely lets the Cocoa Pebbles, Froot Loops or Frosted Flakes touch her tounge!

Bowl Chat - How Much More Can Andy Do for Scott?

Stressed out by his to-do list Scott wants to add more on Andy's plate.

Lemon Yes! Nonna No!!

Hopefully Nicoli Nonna doesn't beat us with her wooden spoon! 2 of her Vitabella cereals we try today aren't very good. However, we saved the best for last! New Frosted Lemon Cheerios are pretty amazing!

Bowl Chat - Almost Live... But Not Really

We are nearly live, hope you enjoy this episode where we don't say much...

Extra! Extra! Andy's An A-Hole!

Today we will try another bland Matt supplied cereal... Generic Shredded Wheat! Then to the Apple Fritter cereal Scotty found at WalMart, and a new cereal we knew nothing about... made by Kellogg's, but only at Costco... Extra!

Not OK

With Passover on the way, we'll try an Almond Butter cereal that we could take or leave. Then, a super generic bag of corn flakes, and a very disappointing new Special K Protein flavor.

Bowl Chat - Scotty B and the Incredible Art Heist

Scotty makes a bold claim that quickly triggers Andrew... what else is new?

Berry Concerned About Andy

Andy the millennial doesn't know much about The Flintstones, but we do know that Berry Pebbles are delicious! We'll try that limited edition cereal, along with a listener supplied CTC rip-off from Mom, and some healthy cereal for your family.

Bowl Chat - Flim Flam

Andrew and Scott talk about their experiences at the SZA concert then Andrew has to "flim flam" while Scotty gets a special surprise.

Kompletely Korny

Today we will try the second of 2 new Disney Cereals from Post. Tastes like Fruity Pebbles! Then a cereal Scotty brought back from Purto Rico, and our listener Matt sent us a bunch of cheapo Amish store cereals, and we'll try one from Malt-O-Meal.