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Will Elvis Die On the Toilet... Again??

We are so excited to have Elvis stop by to try the new Cinnamon Toast flavor of Poop Like A Champion! From there, he'll hang around and try the new Honey Vanilla Cheerios as well as a store brand Fruity Pebbles rip-off. Then our friend Nate pops in and we force some 3 year old cereal upon him. After he gets mad and exits, we'll try some really delicious Dollar Tree granola.

Bowl Chat - Kiss My Grits

Do you like your grits with sugar? Butter? Plain? However you like em, we discuss grits. Exciting for sure.

Zimmy The Dragon

Danielle and her son Spencer join us for this fun-filled episode featuring the new Magic Fruity Pebbles, some weird store brand of strawberry shredded wheat, and Zimmy the Dragon has a strange choco shell cereal that Spencer brought us from the UK.

Bonus: Orange You Glad We Got This Cereal?

In today's BONUS Episode, we'll try the exclusive, elusive Tropicana Crunch!!! We were one of the lucky few that were able to score a box, and Danielle and her son Spencer sit in to try it with both orange juice AND milk! Can you guess which one goes better with this Honey Almond Cereal?

Bowl Chat - Andy is a Busy Bee

Andy is on his phone a lot this episode... he apologizes for that.

Better Late Than Never

So, we took a while to review new Reese's Puffs Cluster Crunch, because Scotty felt it was too much like the original... and it kind of is. But it's delicious, and one of our listeners helps us out with that one! Also, we'll try some granola from Cascadian Farm, and a listener supplied limited edition box of Three Wishes.

Bonus: Pop-Tart Bonus

Scott and Andrew try out one too many Pop-Tarts...

Bowl Chat - Scott Makes a Trendy Bowl

On this episode Andrew talks about how much he loves Cava and Scott... well Scott makes a bowl with chicken and rice.

Oh Baby!

Our guest today is none other than Straight Nate! He brought us some delicious Fall Harvest Cereal from Wegmans. Then another in the line from RX Bar and the container says "cereal", so we'll try some mush from Gerber!

Bowl Chat - Nate's Headlight

Straight Nate stops by as a special guest for Bowl Chat! Hear us talk all about... well, what do we even talk about on this thing?

Triple Bag Breakfast

Another winner from Bakery On Main, which is a surprise to Scotty because it has maple in it... then on to a granola in the new :ratio Keto line from General Mills, and an interesting smoothie granola from Nature's Path.

Bowl Chat - No Cholesterol in Cotton Candy

Scott is at it again with his weird food eating ways... and it's starting to make Andrew ANGRY.

Brilliant, Boring & Blah

Today we'll try one of the incredible new Plentifull cereals from General Mills! Could it be a double 5-Bowler??? Then we move on to boring and blah with a couple of store brand copycats.

Bowl Chat - Special Guest Farts in Mic

Cubby Bryant joins us for a special Bowl Chat! Hear him dish all the scoop on Scotty BEFORE he made it to the big time on Cereal Killers.


It's not like it's loaded with caffeine, but Walmart thinks this cereal will wake you up! We'll also try a new blueberry cereal from Cascadian Farm, and a listener-supplied Froot Loops rip-off.

Bowl Chat - Disco This, Disco That

Andrew is pumped to bring up a topic to Scotty that falls like a lead balloon...

Feel Free To Pass Over

With Passover on the way, here come the parade of Kosher For Passover cereals! All three are chocolate, and all 3 are just ok.

Bowl Chat - March Comes In like a Lion

All game shows are lies and Andrew and Scott are SICK of it.


We're going to try out another new Keto cereal... so you don't have to! That cereal, is Frosted Flakes from Incredi-Bowl. Then Stop & Shop would like us to “be well”, and we'll try a listener supplied Cocoa Pebbles knock-off from Scotty's Cedar Rapids friend, Hy-Vee.

Bowl Chat - Jungle Gyms + Playgrounds

Scotty and Andrew are arguing over what constitutes a playground or a jungle gym. Is this a new low?

Will Andy Show Up?

Andrew decided he couldn't do this episode... but wait... maybe he could? Anyway, Danielle sits in as well to try another exciting flavor of Catalina Crunch! Then onto another Clif cereal, we'll grab a box from ShopRite, and a bonus box of shady Frosted Flakes from our listener Matt.

Bowl Chat - Catalina Catastrophe

This episode derails rather quickly, you can thank our special guest Danielle for that. We try to talk about the eruption of Mount St Helens but it never quite gets there. Also, Danielle pukes, so listener discretion is advised.

National Cereal Day

Yeah... we could've done better on National Cereal Day. Sorry ‘bout that. Anyway, we'll try the new Chocolate Premier Protein from Post, we'll trip through an Urban Meadow and try their "Sugar" Frosted Flakes, then some listener supplied Good Balance from Amazon.

Bowl Chat - Scotty's Announcer Voice

Andrew has picked up on something Scotty does with his voice... have you noticed?