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Bowl Chat - What the BLEEP?!

In this episode Andrew discusses the bleep button... things only go awry from there!

The All-New General

In this episode, we are trying all-new cereals from General Mills... well, kinda new. Well check out the new Chocolate Peanut Butter Chex, then Firecracker Trix, which are pretty much just repackaged Trix With Marshmallows, and we'll dive into a box of Lucky Charms With Magic Gems, which is, well... Lucky Charms.

Bowl Chat - Bike Rides and Random Chats

We talk all about Scotty's big charity bike ride... then some other things Andy can't think about for the description, OOPS!

Cookies & Buns

Even though we've had it in the sack for awhile, we are finally getting to the new Cinnamon Toast Crunch Rolls. They aren't bad, but slightly disappointing. Then a similar, “healthier” cereal from Nature's Path – Rhino Rolls! We'll end it with another winner from Malt O Meal!

Bubble Trouble

A fruity roller coaster ride today! We'll start off with the pretty decent new (but late) release of L.O.L. Surprise from General Mills. Then, a pretty gross bubble gum flavored Dollar Tree find from Golden Foods. After that, we'll crash and burn with a listener supplied bag of awful Keto crap.

Bowl Chat - The Trolley Test

Scotty and Andy want to play a game...

Mocha Meltdown

Today we will try lots of fun cereals! First up, Scotty's family found the new Trix Trax with Marshmallows, and they are delicious! Then, we are split as we try a listener supplied box of Café Mocha Cereal from Tim Hortons & Post. After that, a surprise winner from Malt O Meal, supplied by our friend Paul from Florida!

Bowl Chat - Scotty Took a Vacay

Scotty got to go on a vacation last week and gives Andrew the details.

Big Booty Andrew

We're a week late with the patriotic cereal, but just found this red, white & blue Cap'n Crunch Hero Crunch... and it's awesome! Then on to the listener supplied, novelty Booty O's! After that, we end the show on a sour note, with some horrific granola from Purely Elizabeth.

Not So Super

Up next in the new Cap'n Crunch duo of DC themed cereals is Strong Berry! Superman on one side, Supergirl on the other. This one was a bit disappointing... hence the title! Then some organic Peanut Butter Dots from Nature's Promise and another generic rice cereal.

Bowl Chat - We Are Going to Run a 5K

Scotty and Andrew talk all about Jack in the Box coming back to the Northeast and will they be running a 5k?

Flash In The Pan

Randomly found the new Cap'n Crunch DC Comics Cinnamon Bolts in Target, and we'll try them today! And since we need 2 more to make this episode complete, some S'mores Granola from that same Target, and some Amazon Rice Biscuits.

Bowl Chat - Special Guests Carla Marie and Anthony!

They are back from Seattle and now are on our show, it's Carla Marie and Anthony!

Mucho Malt-O-Meal

Blowing the whole wad here with 3 new bags! We'll check out the delicious new Chocolatey Colossal Crunch, then the Ooops All Berries rip-off called Berry Bunch Crunch, and remember Birthday Cake Pebbles? Well, since it's the same company, they are kinda back now with Birthday Cake Dino-Bites!

Bowl Chat - Introducing "Other Scott"!

We finally show you our fantastic friend Newman aka Other Scott. he definitely mellows us out on the LONGEST EPISODE OF BOWL CHAT EVER!

Stupid Stevia

Just another example of how Stevia ruins breakfast! We'll try the new :ratio Keto granola from General Mills, and while it starts out know the rest. Then some listener supplied knock-offs...first Crunchberry, then fake Apple Cinnamon Cheerios.

Bowl Chat - Brotherly Bickering

This may be the Bowl Chat that ends all Bowl Chat's. Scotty tears in to Andrew over being late and the rest as they say is history.

They'r-r-e Pretty Good!

One of us loves and one of us just likes the new Frosted Flakes Strawberry Milkshake Cereal from Kellogg's. Then on to some wonky store brand Fruit Rings, and another generic Raisin Bran concoction.

Bowl Chat - Lend Us an EAR

Andrew wants to use his new contraption on Scotty B, but Scotty hates bodily things of all kinds.

With Marshmallows

Today we will check out a “soft” granola that Andy is not a fan of. But, there's cherries, so Scotty loves it! Then, a red berry cereal from Nature's Path, and a backwards named Lucky Charms rip-off from Amazon's Happy Belly.

Bowl Chat - Barbershop or Hair Salon?

Andrew is confused... where do water chestnuts come from? The answer probably won't surprise you.

Multiple Maple

This episode starts out with a new Waffle Cereal from Kashi. We'll then try a rando dollar store cereal called Choco Nubis. Huh? Then we pop open a box that we just received from listener Paul... more maple! The newest Malt-O-Meal concoction, Waffle Crunch! Then, why not one more box? We'll try some Midwest PB&J store brand cereal.

Bowl Chat - The College Kid

Deanna, Elvis Duran and the Morning Shows video producer, brought us beer. It has Scott feeling like he missed out on a college experience and then it leads to a game of flip cup?

Will Elvis Die On the Toilet... Again??

We are so excited to have Elvis stop by to try the new Cinnamon Toast flavor of Poop Like A Champion! From there, he'll hang around and try the new Honey Vanilla Cheerios as well as a store brand Fruity Pebbles rip-off. Then our friend Nate pops in and we force some 3 year old cereal upon him. After he gets mad and exits, we'll try some really delicious Dollar Tree granola.