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Not OK

With Passover on the way, we'll try an Almond Butter cereal that we could take or leave. Then, a super generic bag of corn flakes, and a very disappointing new Special K Protein flavor.

Bowl Chat - Scotty B and the Incredible Art Heist

Scotty makes a bold claim that quickly triggers Andrew... what else is new?

Berry Concerned About Andy

Andy the millennial doesn't know much about The Flintstones, but we do know that Berry Pebbles are delicious! We'll try that limited edition cereal, along with a listener supplied CTC rip-off from Mom, and some healthy cereal for your family.

Bowl Chat - Flim Flam

Andrew and Scott talk about their experiences at the SZA concert then Andrew has to "flim flam" while Scotty gets a special surprise.

Kompletely Korny

Today we will try the second of 2 new Disney Cereals from Post. Tastes like Fruity Pebbles! Then a cereal Scotty brought back from Purto Rico, and our listener Matt sent us a bunch of cheapo Amish store cereals, and we'll try one from Malt-O-Meal.

Bowl Chat - Scotty Took His Announcer Voice on Vacation!

A lot of hilarity when Andrew discusses Scotty's trip... as SCOTTY.

Nighty Night!

We'll get put to sleep with the new line of Sweet Dreams cereals from Post... both Blueberry & Honey. Then, we wish it was just a dream, but no, the living nightmare that is Vitabella. Andrew spent a bunch of cash on some Italian cereals. We'll try 2 of them today.


It's a great day for Andy, as his beloved Cinnabon Cereal returns! Then another newbie! Lucky brings us his S'mores cereal... basically a mash-up, but we'll take it! But surprisingly, the big winner on this episode is the listener supplied Weet-Bix from Australia!

Bowl Chat - We Hit 1000 Subscribers on YouTube!

Andrew and Scotty are so happy to hit the magic 1K mark on YouTube!

Scotty's New Honey

Well, since Andrew couldn't record again, Scotty needed someone to sit in for the big honey episode... Elvis happily answered the call! So today, it's the new Honey Flavor Corn Flakes, Special K Oat Crunch Honey, and the UK import, Crunchy Nut (also, full of honey!) It's a Kellogg's trifecta!

Bowl Chat - Here's a New HACK!

Scotty and Andrew hate that everything is called a hack now.

Double Fudge

In this episode, we'll try the latest Krave flavor – Double Chocolate Brownie Batter! Then on to something that looks better than it is, Fudge Brownie from Walmart's Great Value Brand. To wrap it up, we'll try another store brand, Bowl & Basket's Crispy Rice Squares from ShopRite.

Bowl Chat - Andrew Takes Jody's Advice

One of our favorite listeners Jody told Andrew he needs to rise above and not yell so much at Scotty B. Here's to hoping this calm version of Andy is here to stay!

Clean Toilets With This Cereal!

We start off this episode trying the here today, gone tomorrow Hot Wheels Cereal from General Mills. It's pretty good, but it's just novelty and won't last long. Then a Nature's Path Flax Plus that somehow we never tried, and an international pillow cereal sent in by our friend Nicholas that we could use the filling of to clean with.

Bowl Chat - Not Sponsored by EnteNmann's

Scott wants you to know about the N in Entenmann's... teehee!

Rooty Tooty Dick & Scooty

An IHOP cereal has been teased for quite awhile now... and it's finally here! Much like the sticky syrup caddy at the restaurant, it's not bad, but looks better than it is. Then another Great Grains flavor with berries, and an underwhelming, generic Lidl chocolate cereal with a deranged monkey for a mascot.

Andy's Back!

Andrew took a break from his very busy schedule to eat some cereal! Today, we will try something that turned out not to be a cereal at all... Klik! Then we get down to business with some frosted shredded wheat from ShopRite, a puffed rice from Arrowhead, and the reason we are here today... Disney 100 Mickey Mouse Cereal from Post!

Bowl Chat - Andy is So Busy!

Andrew couldn't be here today, so Danielle swoops in to save the day! We'll talk about hoarding, new studios, weird football bowls and more!

The Show Must Go On

Andrew was unable to be a part of this episode, so rather than have nothing for you today... Nate stepped in! And glad he did, so we could bring you 2 new Pebbles cereals! Both Fruity & Cocoa are now Crunch'd! Do they measure up to the usually high rated originals???

Lying About His Age

Our first Cereal Killers episode from the new building! Today, we say happy birthday to the Cap'n! He says he's only 60. We don't buy it! But, his Birthday Crunch ain't bad! Then some Cascadian Farm Berry thing and delicious Japanese coconut flakes from our pal Brimstone.

Bowl Chat - The Quest for a New Place to Record

We are still looking for a new home... it's not working out well.

Hey Mini!

Today we are going to try some end of the year General Mills laziness. They pushed out some mini versions of their most popular cereals... Trix, Reese's Puffs, and the now round Cinnamon Toast Crunch. All just as we expected — delicious.

Bowl Chat - New Studio, New Drama

We did it, we finally made the move to 55th although it does come with a few hiccups along the way...

Elf Fell Off The Shelf

We were so excited that our buddy Newman sent us the new Elf On The Shelf Cereal all the way from Colorado... we're is the keyword. After that ruins our day, we'll do some chocolate, some birthday cake, and some Keto nastiness.