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Pass These Over!

It's our yearly visit to the Passover Aisle at ShopRite. This year, we'll try an array of “fruity” kosher for Passover cereals. Crispy-Os, Fruit Os, and Crunchy Fruit. Listen in and pull the garbage can close!


Spencer is in from England and sits in for Andrew today. We'll try 2 Kellogg's Extra cereals... one from the U.S. and one from Mexico. Then, we'll wrap it up with the just released Spring Edition Trix.


Expectations were high... results were disappointing. We'll try one of the new Extra cereals from Kellogg's, then a super random cereal from “Mexico”, and some granola that should have been really good, from Kellys.

Packing Peanuts

Today we'll try another flavor of Eat Your Mouth Off from Kellogg's. Why? We like torture. Then we'll do a little better with Pandan from OffLimits, and even better still as we Poop Like Champions!

Frosted GRAND!

Today we will try Kellogg's new Frosted Bran! However, it is missing something. Then some new hidden veggie Cheerios, and our 1000th cereal reviewed is... Cap'n Crunch Cinnamon Crunch!!!

Bowl Chat - A Saturday Morning Surprise!

The boys couldn't record in the studio, but, thankfully they could record this morning for a special Saturday morning episode of Bowl Chat. Hear them talk all about their big trip to Austin and how many times a day is too much to clean your ears? 

Creepy Cap'n

Andrew is afraid of the updated Cap'n, as we try his new Sea Berry Crunch! Then more from our friend Matt, including some rando Ralston Rice Biscuits, and the no sugar added version of Alpen Muesli.

Bowl Chat - We're Going to Austin!

This Monday, March 11th, is the iHeart Podcast Awards! Scotty B and Andrew are headed to Austin but first they catch up on what they expect to happen and Andrew reveals his obsession with THIS new-Soda. 

Way To Go Bob!

Today we try a new Kashi smoothie cereal, then some fake Corn Chex from Aldi, and if you don't know who Bob Moore is, he's a rockstar... and we'll try his delicious peanut butter granola.

Is It Magically Delicious???

Today we try cereals that retail for a total of $30!!! First, new from Kellogg's, it's Fruity Eat Your Mouth Off! Then, will we be surprised by Honey Nut Magic Spoon? Finally, we'll be split on another flavor from OffLimits.

Bowl Chat - My Bowl Friday

Anthony from the Carla Marie & Anthony podcast joins Andy on an all new episode of Bowl Chat!

Special A

We're going to try a new, limited edition Special K... Iced Vanilla Latte! Then something that should be called Zero Sundays, and a great Berry Granola Crunch from Wegmans!

Bowl Chat - Do It for the KIDS!

Andy just wants to record a Bowl Chat sometime, anytime when he is home... but Scotty is a doting dad and has to be there for his KIDS!

Magical Creeper

Thanks to our friends at General Mills, we'll try new Maple Cinnamon Cheerios Hearty Nut Medleys! Then 2 store brands, one from the west coast's Raley's, and a Lucky Charm's dup from LIDL.

Bowl Chat - Is This Thing On?

Andrew is having Scotty B test from his at home studio so they can record Bowl Chats more frequently... do you give him permission?

Is It Really A Throwback?

Today we try the next in the Back To The 80s series from General Mills... Golden Grahams S'mores! Then some really good knock-off Froot Loops, and we'll be split on a new Frosted Flakes snack that Scotty decided is cereal.

Cocoa Poops

Today we will try the latest in the line of Poop Like A Champion cereals! Then an all peanut butter puff from Reese's, and some old man shredded wheat from good ‘ol Barbara!

Bowl Chat - Cawfee, Flawrida and a Ride Through the Holland Tunnel

Scotty airs his grievances on how Andrew says certain words, Andrew meanwhile hates on Scotty for how he doesn't give our listeners enough credit for landmarks in certain states.

So Savory!

Eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes and savory meats in a cereal??? Yes! Our friends across the pond sent us some of their Caff Crunch! Then, thanks to General Mills, we'll try new Berry Swirl Lucky Charms! Are these Magically Delicious too??? And... the throwaway box of the day is Ralston's Frosted Flakes.

Bowl Chat - Scotty B, the Foursquare Mayor

In an exciting episode of Bowl Chat, we discuss Scotty B using Foursquare and how many places he was mayor at.

Fully Loaded!

Today we try the full line of Loaded Cereals from General Mills! A triple dose of pillow cereals including: Trix Loaded, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Loaded and then trippy Sonny with his Cocoa Puffs Loaded!

And We're Baaaack!

Happy 2024! We celebrate this week with Cookies & Cream Toops from Columbia, then we'll keep our resolutions with healthy Whole O's, and some underwhelming nutty clusters from our pal Joe...he's a trader!

Bowl Chat - Special Guests Carla Marie and Anthony Stop By

We love when our friends stop by from Seattle, Carla Marie and Anthony are here!

Ho-Ho-Honey Oh's!

Merry Christmas! Today, Danielle sits in for Andy and we will try limited edition Gingerbread from Three Wishes, then BuzzBee swoops in with a mini version of his Honey Nut Cheerios, and a surprise winner from Malt-O-Meal!