Cereal Killers Podcast

Two guys that love cereal! Scotty has extensive cereal knowledge, and Andrew loves to “crunch” and learn. They are two longtime coworkers that together will give you their comical review of one classic and one brand new cereal in each episode…with their hardly scientific rating system. Grab a box, bowl and spoon…and come along for the ride!

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Recent Episodes

Episode 190: Rx For Boring Cereal

Another protein bar becomes a cereal, and just doesn’t cut it. Then onto two cereals Scotty found online — one awful, and one just ok. The fun comes when Andrew thinks he’s allergic and gets a "tickle" in his throat.

Bowl Chat - Besto Friendo

This episode sure is a doozy. We chat about everything from bugs to Andrew thinking "besto friendo" was a phrase.

Episode 189: Kid In A Candy Store

Today we will try a cereal that Andrew loves, but won’t be seen with the box…Jojo Siwa Strawberry Bop! Then on to some blah sprouted rice, and an incredible granola from Bakery On Main!

Bowl Chat - Scotty B is Bonkers!

In this episode, we walk down memory lane and talk all things old candy. From Nerds Rope to Bubbalicious (is gum a candy?), to Scotty's favorite - BONKERS - join us on this sweet adventure.