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Bowl Chat - Musical Trivia aka This is Definitely Getting Demonetized

Scotty and Andy chat a little bit about life but then Scott tests Andys music knowledge!

Cereals Fit For A King

It's an exciting day, as ¾ of the Monaro Family is here! Spencer is on holiday from university (hope we got that all right) and he brought us some Kellogg's Honey Bsss Loops, and Nestle's Golden Nuggets! Then Scott reaches down to his sack and pulls out some Tiny Fruity Cuties from Trader Joe's.

Bowl Chat - Dinner Knives 2: Butter Knife Boogaloo

Yes, we continue discussing this topic and a whole lot more in an all new episode of Bowl Chat!


Today we are sprinkling the holiday joy with our friends from Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cinnadust! We'll try the new Limited Edition Winterfest Fruity Pebbles, some festive Sugar Cookie Granola from Target, and Malt-O-Meal's French Toasters!

Bowl Chat - Dinner Knives and Bloody Noses

We are back with a new Bowl Chat after a long few weeks away talking all things dinner knives and also Scottys crazy theory about the frequency of nose bleeds.

Totally Toolin'

Today we try a HBOA (that's cereal talk) re-boot! Plus, some dup (that's teen talk) Cookie Crisp. And finally, some muesli that doesn't quite slay (that's totally giving Tik-Tok). Enjoy!

That's Rich

Today, we try a new cereal in the Kashi line -- this one has cinnamon and "rich" walnuts. Then another international store brand cereal from Carla's box. Next up is a strange named cereal from Cascadian Farm, and a bonus box - err, bag -- from, of all places, Jenny Craig.

New For The Holidays

The Toast Crunch family adds another cereal to their holiday collection...Gingerbread Toast Crunch! Then we try some interesting international pillow cereal that Carla sent us, and a "cereal" from Seven Sundays that we may or may not really like!

Bowl Chat - And We're Back!

Sorry we haven't been updating as frequently life's been getting in the way but we love you and thank you for listening!

Something In Common

We'll try 4 cereals today, all with a common denominator. First, we'll finally get to new Tres Leches Toast Crunch. Then another Scotty Riviera Maya suitcase stowaway, Honey Cheerios. Finally, Toops and Flips...are they the same??

Andrew's Episode

This episode is almost completely thrown together by Andrew. We'll try some international cereals... a cookie-like something or other from Kenya and some Choco Balls from Czech Republic. Then we dive into the box ‘o' Matt and gag on some Magic Spoon.

Bowl Chat - Halloween Recap

Scotty recaps his Halloween and Andy walks out...

It's New...and Blue!

Today we head north of the border for a new Tim Hortons cereal that Scotty's daughter found. Then another candy bar turned into a cereal, and some new Blueberry thing from Kashi.

Wacky WalMart

Today we will try another 3 newbies from WalMart's Great Value brand. You can just smell fall with their Caramel Apple and Kettle Corn Cereals! Then the seemingly winterlike Chocolate Mint loops. Will there be spewing? Only one way to find out!

Bowl Chat - How Was Your Vacation?

Scotty and Andy are back! We chat about our vacations and more.

Ratio: 2 Bad, 1 Good

Today we'll check out another in the Ratio line from General Mills. Then a Mexican import featuring the Quik Rabbit, and a foreign Muesli brought back from a European Cruise by our miserable friend Matt.

Moooooove over! Little Debbie Is Here!

We welcome our Milk Sponsor... Farmland Fresh Dairies! Perfect to pair with a Little Debbie Swiss Roll – in cereal form! Plus, we'll try a disappointing chocolate peanut butter cereal from Whole Foods, and something meh from OffLimits... cute box though!

Bowl Chat - Koozie Catastrophe

Andrew may or may not have sent 60+ boxes of koozies to Scotty's house... he is NOT happy.


Today we will try the 3rd of 3 Snoop Cereals...Frosted Drizzlerz! Then a coconut Kellogg's creation that Scotty brought back from Mexico, and a rando bean cereal called iwon, discovered at The Vitamin Shoppe, of all places.

Our 300th Episode!!!

Hope you don't want to watch this one... someone forgot to hit record! Anyway, listen as we try new for Fall Pumpkin Spice Frosted Flakes! Plus, Maple Pecan Crunch from Wegman's, and some cancer causing Apple Bits!

Bowl Chat - Scotty B's Medical Malady

Three weeks ago Scotty claimed he was going to lose his foot, this week he is going to lose his leg... is he a hypochondriac or is Scotty just sickly?

Devilish Danielle

It's the Halloween Episode, and since it's her favorite holiday, Danielle sits in to try new Monster Cereal Carmella Creeper, It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, and some haunted Chocolate Lucky Charms. Scary!

Bowl Chat - Diamond's Birthday Blowout!

Maybe blowout is a bit much, but just happy to have Diamond sit in for Andrew today, on her birthday! Scotty & Diamond talk about random stuff... as we often do on this podcast.

3 Scoops?

Today we will try the 2 new Quaker Chewy Granola cereals – they call them that, although they aren't chewy at all. Then a cereal we never knew existed, and was not as good as we thought it would be... Extra Raisin Raisin Bran from WalMart!