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Episode 177: Yabba Dabba Delicious!

Happy Birthday Pebbles! We'll check out a preview box of Birthday Cake Pebbles, and while Andrew hates the name... he loves the cereal! Plus, we’ll get into another Lidl knock-off and a bagged granola from Bakery On Main.

Episode 176: Out of this World!

In this episode, we'll try the latest Little Debbie Kellogg's concoction... Cosmic Brownies! Then on to a so-so knock-off and some more bean junk from Love Grown.

Bowl Chat - Scotty's Weird Donut Eating

Yep, pretty much as the episode suggests, Scotty eats donuts weird and claims he has a reason why. Also hear all about Andrew's phobia of puke and how Scotty scammed everyone in 4th grade!

Episode 175: 2 Yucks and a Yum

Just from the title, you can see that we hated 2 of the 3. Can you guess which ones? Keto, beans??? Yeah. That. Kashi Go has a new line of crap as they jump on the Keto bandwagon, and they are awful. Then, a store brand peanut butter cereal will turn the episode around.

Episode 174: More Great Berry!

Andrew still doesn’t realize its "Grain Berry", but it's ok... we like it that way! We will try said Grain Berry – this time frosted shredded wheat! Plus, another way too expensive Lara Bar cereal and a Lidl knock-off that has a long-necked mascot.

Bowl Chat - Beep Beep and Vroom Vroom

What songs play at the dentist office? We discuss our first album purchases and if they have made it to a LiteFm playlist. Also, is Scott a motorcycle person?

Episode 173: Bernie's Birthday

No... not that Bernie. Bernie the Bunny! We'll try his Birthday Cake Cereal, that Andrew will get angry at. Plus, we'll take a look at the latest variety of Kellogg's Raisin Bran and some surprisingly delicious fruit & yogurt flakes from Kroger!

Episode 172: Fruity Puffer

Ahhhh... Passover. The parade of mostly awful cereals. The grand marshal of this parade is Fruity Puffers, and we're gonna try them! That, along with a yummy new cereal from General Mills and a terrible granola trying to be a cookie. Plus, we'll dance on another grave in the Cereal Graveyard!

Bowl Chat - The Beginning?

Yes, it's finally here! The first episode of Bowl Chat. Listen to a more subdued Andrew and Scotty B talk about everything from Andrew's fear of birds to Scotty's recent home renovation.

Episode 171: Fed Up Andy

Will the partnership last past this episode? Only time will tell. But, until that time, we'll try a new Cinnamon Kashi By Kids, some Strawberry Frosted Shredded Wheat from Kroger, and introducing... Elizabeth. Let’s just say, the word "dumper" is used.

Episode 170: Highly Rated!

Well, this hasn't happened in a while... we loved them all! First, the long awaited Chocolate Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros, then a berrylicious new favorite from Jordans, and a really awesome granola from our friends at Love Crunch!

Episode 169: Cereali No Buoni

We don’t speak Italian either, but you'll see why this title was necessary. So, in addition to that, we'll try the new Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Krave and a jankity Frosted Flakes rip off featuring an angry yeti.

Episode 168: S'mor Brother-Like Bickering

We argue like brothers, and for some reason, you like it. So today, we’ll try the resurrected Smorz cereal from Kellogg's, some old lady All-Bran and a limited edition Lucky Charms just in time for St. Patrick’s Day!

Episode 167: Under My Skin

This episode named by Andrew... can't imagine why. We'll try the newest incarnation of Pokemon Cereal from General Mills, then some listener supplied Whole Grain Honey Bunches Of Oats, and one from the home of Secret Squirrel Joel. Hi Scrunchy!

Episode 166: Zing!

We love each other so much…and it shows! In this episode, we'll blow through 3 ok cereals, including the brand new Cinnamon Roll Frosted Mini Wheats from Kellogg’s. Plus, a disappointment from Malt-O-Meal and some Organic Frosty Flakes from Target.

Episode 165: Chocolate Porn

While the title may sound exciting, it’s simply because of the font on the mediocre box of chocolate cereal from Lidl. We’ll also check out the brand new Chocolate Strawberry Cheerios, and some espresso granola from our friends at Love Crunch.

Episode 164: Kind of a Letdown

With so many new cereals out now, this episode should have been better, but it is just ok. We tried the new Premier Protein Cereal from Post...ehhh. Then on to some listener supplied Coconut Flakes from Wegman's, and another underwhelming Greenwise Cereal.

Episode 163: Holy Onions!

This could be a record...2 cereals that make us gag! Yay! First a mediocre new cereal From Kellogg's in partnership with Crayola - Jazzberry...we'll leave that there. Then, on to another awful cereal from Andrew's Aunt Barbara. After that...we'll take a trip to Korea for perhaps the worst cereal of all time!

Episode 162: All New...All The Time!

This was supposed to be a wonderful episode crammed with all-new cereal, and it is...minus the wonderful part. Andrew's mic was not engaged until about halfway through, so enjoy this mess of audio boosting until about 10 minutes in. However, we get to try NEW Chocolate Honey-Comb, NEW Special K Blueberry, and NEW Sesame Street C Is For Cinnamon cereals!

Episode 161: So, What's New? Nothing.

Because of logistics, Andrew could not come into the studio and had to use the cereal sitting around his house. So, in this episode, we'll try the elusive Frosted Mini Wheats Maple Brown Sugar, then 2 others that must be so awful, we can't even remember what they were for this description. Something with twigs.

Episode 160: Finally...2021!

Welcome to a new year, but the same old Andrew. Kidding. In this episode, we'll try an interesting new Nature's Path cereal...Purple Açai! Then an underwhelming granola from Brad, and an old favorite...Scooters! This time, Honey Nut.

Episode 159: Chocolate Eggo Waffle Cereal?!?

Yes! Chocolate Eggo Waffle Cereal!!! It is pretty friggin' good! So many great new cereals this year, and this is the last one. After that, we'll try an interesting concoction from Nature's Path...then a bland throw away from Cascadian Farm.

Episode 158: Surprisingly Awful!

For some reason, Scotty thought the peanut butter chocolate chip flavor of the new Larabar Cereal would be delicious! Not so much. Then onto another failure from Greenwise and a pretty solid fruity Malt-O-Meal knock-off.

Episode 157: Andy Is Back! (On Zoom)

In this mess of an episode, both Andrew and Danielle will join Scotty via Zoom for some craptastic audio! Danielle only has the new Elf On The Shelf Candy Cane Cookie Cereal, so, we'll go there first. Then we'll move on to some knock-off Aldi & Lidl cereals. One great, one...not so much.