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Today we will try the 3rd of 3 Snoop Cereals...Frosted Drizzlerz! Then a coconut Kellogg's creation that Scotty brought back from Mexico, and a rando bean cereal called iwon, discovered at The Vitamin Shoppe, of all places.

Our 300th Episode!!!

Hope you don't want to watch this one... someone forgot to hit record! Anyway, listen as we try new for Fall Pumpkin Spice Frosted Flakes! Plus, Maple Pecan Crunch from Wegman's, and some cancer causing Apple Bits!

Bowl Chat - Scotty B's Medical Malady

Three weeks ago Scotty claimed he was going to lose his foot, this week he is going to lose his leg... is he a hypochondriac or is Scotty just sickly?

Devilish Danielle

It's the Halloween Episode, and since it's her favorite holiday, Danielle sits in to try new Monster Cereal Carmella Creeper, It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, and some haunted Chocolate Lucky Charms. Scary!

Bowl Chat - Diamond's Birthday Blowout!

Maybe blowout is a bit much, but just happy to have Diamond sit in for Andrew today, on her birthday! Scotty & Diamond talk about random stuff... as we often do on this podcast.

3 Scoops?

Today we will try the 2 new Quaker Chewy Granola cereals – they call them that, although they aren't chewy at all. Then a cereal we never knew existed, and was not as good as we thought it would be... Extra Raisin Raisin Bran from WalMart!

Sugar Cube

Andy is under the weather, so Scotty's daughter Cooper sits in to try the new Minecraft Frosted Flakes from Kellogg's! Then Gold Honey Flakes that Gandhi brought back from Thailand, and some generic Cocoa Puffs.

Bowl Chat - A Very Special Andy Hosted Episode!

Andy hosts a Bowl Chat with Carla Marie and Anthony and special guest Ricki Sanchez!

So Much Cinnamon!

This episode brought to you by... Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cinnadust and Creamy Cinnamon Spread! Yes!!! We'll try those, as well as Key Lime Pie Crunch from Malt-O-Meal, some weird French granola, and some generic Corn Flakes that we'll dust up!

Back To The Movies

Scotty & Andy head back to the movies with 3 more new feature film cereals... all berry flavored! First, although it's been out for a few months, we'll dive into The Little Mermaid from Kellogg's. Then we'll swing with Spidey, and Andrew wants Willy Wonka Froot Loops NOW!

Bowl Chat - Dog Days of Summer

Andy is over summer, Scotty says it's blasphemy.

Internationally Amish

Today we will try that mysterious orange box of Marias Gamesa that has been showing up in supermarkets. Then, some little burnt Amish kernels that our friend Matt sent us, and a pouch of koala shaped Koko Krunch that Gandhi brought us back from Thailand.

Bowl Chat - Scotty Squirrels

Scotty "squirrels" (thanks Carla Marie + Anthony) his way through this episode always interrupting Andy so he can get the last word.

Gin And Juice And Hoopz

Today we will finally get to try the new Snoop Cereals! Fruity Hoopz and Cinnamon Toasteez are pretty good! Maybe we'll find Frosted Drizzlerz for The Next Episode. See what we did there? And last up, some cool marshmallow changing Lucky Charms.

Bowl Chat - Scotty Enters His Grandpa Era

Scotty B loves to give out inconvenient currency, like who needs a half dollar coin or a $2 bill?

A Chex Surprise!

Today, we'll try a new Chex flavor that popped up... Maple Brown Sugar! Then, don't tell the Cap'n, but we'll try some fake Crunch Berry Cereal, and finally, some incredibly underwhelming frosted shredded wheat from WalMart.

Bowl Chat - Sawyer Becomes a REAL Dog

Scotty and Andy went to their friend Nick's farm and Sawyer became a REAL dog!

Let's Go To The Movies!

Today, we will try 3 new movie inspired cereals. First, those geriatric turtles slither up from the manhole to bring us their new cereal from General Mills! Then, something neither of us have ever heard of from Kellogg's... Strawberry Macaron Miraculous cereal! We'll finish up with a movie that's been out for a few months, and a cereal that is basically Cocoa Puffs... Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 3.

Bowl Chat - Better Late Than Never!

Welcome to this nearly LIVE episode of Bowl Chat. We apologize for the delay! Videos coming back to the YouTube soon. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!


It's summertime... so let's try some ice cream flavor inspired cereals! Just released from Malt-O-Meal, Orange Dreamsicle and Strawberry Shortcake! Then, something you can always top with ice cream... brownies! We'll try Brownie Crunch from Cascadian Farm... and you know what... it could use some marshmallows!

Bowl Chat - What'd Ya Do On Vacation... NOT BOWL CHAT!

Scotty interogates Andy about not doing Bowl Chat.

Is This Really Breakfast?

Today we will check out the much talked about, but quite elusive movie theatre staple that has become a “breakfast” cereal... Cookie Dough Bites! Then, donuts! Cinnamon Mini Donut cereal from WalMart. Then finally, new Maple Raisin Bran from Kellogg's.

Three More Wishes

Today we will try the new Golden Honey Frosted Mini Wheats, along with some interesting lemon granola that we found at Target, and a grain free Smores Cereal from Three Wishes! Do we need to keep the garbage can close by? Listen and find out!

Andy Misses Another One!

Today we are lucky to have both Danielle and Spencer sitting in for Andrew! We'll try the new Strawberry Cheesecake Special a cotton candy cereal from WalMart, and a store brand Honey Nut Cheerios rip-off.