Multiple Maple

May 23, 2022

This episode starts out with a new Waffle Cereal from Kashi. We'll then try a rando dollar store cereal called Choco Nubis. Huh? Then we pop open a box that we just received from listener Paul... more maple! The newest Malt-O-Meal concoction, Waffle Crunch! Then, why not one more box? We'll try some Midwest PB&J store brand cereal.

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Cereal Ratings

Rating out of 5 🥣 (🥄 = ½, 🥣 = 1)

Maple Waffle Crisp
by Kashi

ANDREW 🥣🥣🥣🥣🥣
SCOTT 🥣🥣🥣🥣

Choco Nubis
by Golden Foods

SCOTT 🥣🥣🥣🥄

Waffle Crunch
by Malt-O-Meal

ANDREW 🥣🥣🥣🥣🥣
SCOTT 🥣🥣🥣🥣🥣

PB&J Puffs
by Hy-Vee

SCOTT 🥣🥣🥣🥣🥄