Is It Magically Delicious???

February 26, 2024

Today we try cereals that retail for a total of $30!!! First, new from Kellogg's, it's Fruity Eat Your Mouth Off! Then, will we be surprised by Honey Nut Magic Spoon? Finally, we'll be split on another flavor from OffLimits.

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Cereal Ratings

Rating out of 5 🥣 (🥄 = ½, 🥣 = 1)

Eat Your Mouth Off – Fruity
by Mouth Off Foods by Kellogg's


Magic Spoon Honey Nut
by Magic Spoon

SCOTT 🥣🥣🥣🥄

Flex Cinnamon Cereal
by OffLimits

SCOTT 🥣🥣🥣🥄