Frosted GRAND!

March 18, 2024

Today we will try Kellogg's new Frosted Bran! However, it is missing something. Then some new hidden veggie Cheerios, and our 1000th cereal reviewed is... Cap'n Crunch Cinnamon Crunch!!!

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Cereal Ratings

Rating out of 5 🥣 (🥄 = ½, 🥣 = 1)

Frosted Bran
by Kellogg's

SCOTT 🥣🥣🥣🥄

Cheerios Veggie Blends Blueberry Banana
by General Mills


Cap’n Crunch’s Cinnamon Crunch
by Quaker

ANDREW 🥣🥣🥣🥣🥄
SCOTT 🥣🥣🥣🥣🥄